About Counseling

It is very common for people to ask, “What exactly is counseling?” Counseling helps with problems in living through an interaction with a trained professional.

  • It offers a way to gain perspective on your behavior, emotions and relationships.
  • It provides a means to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking.
  • It helps alleviate anxiety, depression and anger in their many forms.
  • It assists you in developing tools to identify and remove blinders and negative behaviors, getting unstuck from patterns of self sabotage.
  • It helps strengthen communication skills for dealing with conflict and frustration.
  • It provides couples an objective third party perspective to help resolve on-going conflicts.
  • It is a means for addressing pain, working through loss and adding meaning to your life.

What is the difference between counseling and psychotherapy?

“Psychotherapy” and “counseling” are terms that are often used interchangeably. Although they are quite similar, there are some important differences as well.

“Counseling” is generally used to denote a relatively brief treatment that is focused most upon behavior. It often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and assists in finding ways of managing feelings and dealing with the presenting difficulty.

“Psychotherapy” on the other hand is generally a longer term treatment which focuses more on gaining insight into chronic psychological and emotional problems. Its focus is on the patient’s thought processes and way of being in the world rather than specific problems.

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